Molly + Aaron | Mexico Elopement Photographer

Sitting down to even write about this day brings literal tears to my eyes.

First of all let me start by saying how kind & whole hearted these two humans are. Molly & Aaron were so kind to me. Just the absolute most kind humans on the planet. I can not express that enough! They got in touch with my about 10 months before their elopement in Cancun & I have never been so excited to meet 2 people in my life!! We had chatted on facetime & texted for MONTHS, planning & getting so pumped for this day! & finally we were here in one of the most beautiful places & I was the one person they decided to share this incredibly special day with.

Wedding party of 2! PLUS ME! What a treat!!

As that morning started we woke up & I headed to Molly & Aarons room as Aaron headed to my room to change & get ready to meet his beautiful bride at the alter! I joined Molly for some yummy room service as she got her hair and makeup done & we chatted about how we could not believe the day was already here!

Then it was time!! Time to finally put on the dress of Molly’s DREAMS! & she blew me away! Literally one of the most beautiful humans, inside & OUT! One of my most favorite things about elopements is how close you get to become to your couple, they truly become your friends. I zipped Molly up, gave her my most encouraging speech & headed down, barefoot, to the beach!

As Aaron & I waited for Molly to walk down the aisle, I asked him how he was feeling & he simply replied “I always dreamt of this moment, but I never could’ve guessed I’d find a girl as perfect & wonderfully made as her” & of course tears streamed down my face for the rest of the day.

After saying “I Do Forever & Always”, these two cut some cake, drank some champagne & headed to the bar to order some freshly made PIZZA! After stuffing our faces & laughing hysterically about how many weird looks Molly was getting for eating pizza in her perfectly white dress, we were met by one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever gotten to witness, the moon even peaked in for some silhouette shots!

To say this was a huge highlight of my year would be such an understatement.

I couldn’t be more grateful that I met these two, or that they allowed me the privilege of hanging by the pool, getting crushed by the huge waves & waking up at 6am for the sunrise together. Molly & Aaron, I adore your guts, but you already knew that.