Elizabeth + Chris | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Charleston anymore, I met these two, they got married, barefoot & care free on their favorite beach, where their love story first begun.

Chris & Liz are just those people that you meet & instantly click with because they are so genuine. Genuine with how they love, speak & pour their hearts into one another & their families.

Biggest grins & the loudest of laughs were a constant on this day. forever a majorrrrr fan of these two!

Molly + Aaron | Mexico Elopement Photographer

Sitting down to even write about this day brings literal tears to my eyes.

First of all let me start by saying how kind & whole hearted these two humans are. Molly & Aaron were so kind to me. Just the absolute most kind humans on the planet. I can not express that enough! They got in touch with my about 10 months before their elopement in Cancun & I have never been so excited to meet 2 people in my life!! We had chatted on facetime & texted for MONTHS, planning & getting so pumped for this day! & finally we were here in one of the most beautiful places & I was the one person they decided to share this incredibly special day with.

Wedding party of 2! PLUS ME! What a treat!!

As that morning started we woke up & I headed to Molly & Aarons room as Aaron headed to my room to change & get ready to meet his beautiful bride at the alter! I joined Molly for some yummy room service as she got her hair and makeup done & we chatted about how we could not believe the day was already here!

Then it was time!! Time to finally put on the dress of Molly’s DREAMS! & she blew me away! Literally one of the most beautiful humans, inside & OUT! One of my most favorite things about elopements is how close you get to become to your couple, they truly become your friends. I zipped Molly up, gave her my most encouraging speech & headed down, barefoot, to the beach!

As Aaron & I waited for Molly to walk down the aisle, I asked him how he was feeling & he simply replied “I always dreamt of this moment, but I never could’ve guessed I’d find a girl as perfect & wonderfully made as her” & of course tears streamed down my face for the rest of the day.

After saying “I Do Forever & Always”, these two cut some cake, drank some champagne & headed to the bar to order some freshly made PIZZA! After stuffing our faces & laughing hysterically about how many weird looks Molly was getting for eating pizza in her perfectly white dress, we were met by one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever gotten to witness, the moon even peaked in for some silhouette shots!

To say this was a huge highlight of my year would be such an understatement.

I couldn’t be more grateful that I met these two, or that they allowed me the privilege of hanging by the pool, getting crushed by the huge waves & waking up at 6am for the sunrise together. Molly & Aaron, I adore your guts, but you already knew that.

Mirna + Pedro | Miami Wedding Photographer

When Mirna first inquired with me I immediately felt such a connection to her and Pedro! They dream’t up their day & told me all of the little details, a super boho theme that was TO DIE FOR! But honestly what I loved most was when they would talk about how excited they were for their whole families to all be together for one day! They told me about how special their families were & just how important they were to them & as soon as I got to Florida & met all of their families, I just knew this wedding was going to be so special

Their ceremony was in front of this massively beautiful tree that let in just the perfect amount of sun-rays. This was the first wedding ceremony that I have ever had to privilege of being at that was completely in Spanish. Being indulged in their culture & heritage made it all more special to M & P and it was such an emotional moment for everyone there.

After their crazy cool ceremony, we raced off in a golf cart to catch the last little bit of that Florida sunlight, Pedro falling off at least three times! After laughing & giggling until dusk these two shared a full moon lite dance & there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

I LOVE THESE TWO. I LOVE THIS DAY. I am so beyond blessed to know these to & to have photographed such love.

Amanda + Kevin | Colorado Elopement Photographer | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

My first destination wedding. Two of the coolest humans who wanted to share a day in the Garden of Gods with their closest friends & family & let me tag along for all of the joyous moments.

After eloping they shared a walk in the garden just the two of them until sunset & then headed to the most beautifully boho themed reception designed by the incredible Amber Mustain to share a wonderful meal & dance the night away with the ones they love most.

Venue: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Gown: Stella York

Florals: Amber Mustain @ambermustain-floraldesign

Hair + Makeup: Tangled & Teased @tangleandteasedhair