Tulum Elopement

Where do I even start with how much I love Nomi?! Not only is she the sweetest person around but she is DANG good at what she does! When searching for my destination wedding photographer I was rather stressed until Nomi came along. We planned a wedding elopement with just the two of us so I knew my pictures had to be nothing short of perfect, since my family wasn’t going to be there. I found Nomi online and after reading through about 50 candidates I just knew she had to be the one. Not only because her pictures were to die for, but she was the most relatable person I had talked to! Not only would Nomi message me with a countdown to my wedding, but we became friends instantly, even being states away. Nomi arrived the day before my wedding where she took the most breathtaking photos of us and let’s just say we had a blast and it didn’t even feel like we were getting pictures taken because of how great she was! By the time we had walked back to our room Nomi had already sent us multiple previews!! I was stunned at how fast she got them to me and how beautifully edited and styled the photos were. Now here comes the best part... the wedding day. Nomi woke up at 5 AM with us to take pictures of us with the sunrise. WHO DOES THAT WHEN THEY ARE IN MEXICO?! Nomi spent the rest of the day with me making sure everything was absolutely perfect, which truly meant so much to me since I was completely alone getting ready. She helped me get in my dress and gave me the last few words I needed before she headed down, which meant the world to me. Nomi is hands down the sweetest, most caring, funniest, and talented photographer I know! I wish I could stick Nomi in my pocket and have her take my photos everywhere. Thanks to Nomi I have the most beautiful wedding pictures every little girl dreams of. 

-The Detamore’s


Miami Wedding:

When I looked for photographers across every known social media or search engine for my  wedding day. I had a specific criteria in mind of the kind of photographer I dreamed of having. Someone who's work was absolutely breath taking, who was a professional and would be punctual, someone who would connect with my husband and I, and someone who would treat us like family. I can honestly say that I'm so thankful to God that I stumbled upon Nomi and was able to book her. From the minute we exchanged emails to the moment we got in a call. I knew she was the ONE! For some reason she has a way to just make you feel like you are a friend from years ago! Even though I had not been able to meet her in person, I was so confident already that my wedding pictures were in great hands! On our wedding day Nomi took such good care of me. It's crazy to think that my photographer was not only making sure she captured the best shots. But she took care of me, she made sure I drank water, made sure my dress was and looked perfect. Made sure I didn't know of anything that would stress me out, all while she took the absolute best pictures I have ever dreamed off. I looked like a freaking Queen, not to brag, but she made me look so GOOD! She also listened and was open to different shots I had in mind. This girl has talent, she went into a new place that she had never been to before, was able to quickly scout and see where and how we would do our first look. So honestly if you are booking her from out of town like I did and have some worries. DON'T BE! She is the absolute full package. And can I say how fast she was in her turnaround of delivering our pictures? SO FAST! I was in my honeymoon and she had send me a couple of edits. Which were to DIE for! Nomi you are an absolute star! The sweetest, kindest, most talented photographer I have ever met! Thanks to you I have the most sweetest and beautiful pictures to remember my day. And for that I can't thank you enough!

-Much love , The Silva's


Colorado Destination Wedding:

Kevin and I knew that finding the right photographer for our wedding was SO important. We found Nomi’s work on Instagram and fell in love with her natural style and ability to capture the beauty in a moment. We wanted to be able to look at our wedding photos years from now and still feel the laughter, excitement and emotions from that day. We both agreed pretty easily that Nomi would be the perfect photographer for us! 

One of our goals was to keep our wedding casual and stress-free and Nomi was a huge asset to accomplishing this. She made everything so easy for us! She booked her flight and arrangements early and researched places for us to visit. She helped set up a timeline for our day and kept in touch with us throughout the planning process. We did not actually meet each other until the day of the wedding but it felt like we had known each other forever!  We had the best time adventuring through Colorado Springs and exploring the Garden of the Gods with her. Nomi did an amazing job capturing the scenery and special moments before the wedding, during the ceremony and at our reception.  

Our guests were blown away by how amazing Nomi was. She made everyone feel comfortable and the group shots were fun and went smoothly. Our friends and family loved her and talked about her for days after the wedding!

Nomi is incredibly talented, confident, and professional. Words cannot describe how lucky we are that she came out to Colorado to share our day with us. Our pictures exceeded all of our expectations. She was the best decision we made and we could not picture what our day would have been like without her!

-The Browns


Nomi has set the standard for wedding photography in my book! This girl has an amazing talent and love for what she does and it is incomparable to any other photographer that I've ever worked with. We had the pleasure to work with Nomi for our engagements, bridals, and wedding, and each time I was overwhelmed with the outcome of our beautiful shoots. The relationship that you develop with your photographer in the short time that you get to work with them each session sets the stage for how you feel during each shoot and ultimately, the quality of your photos and enjoyment of the experience. Nomi will ensure that you have a great time and that you are comfortable. She puts your needs first as a couple, whether that is by focusing on what your vision is during engagements, or by arranging your dysfunctional family for post-wedding pictures! She was such a bright light in our wedding planning and execution experience and my husband and I are blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her! 

-The Kittrell’s


NOMI IS AMAZING! I actually know Nomi from college, so I knew she was going to be great. She did a couples shoot with me and my now husband, our proposal, our engagements, and our wedding day! All of the pictures were amazing and we got so many. (I am still not done going through all of them to get some printed for my house!) For every shoot we did with her she made us feel so comfortable and it was so fun! She doesn't pose you too strictly and she lets you give her ideas. I loved how adventurous she is even in a shoot- she took us into the woods on our wedding day and it got my favorite shot with the light shining through the woods; OH MY GOSH IT WAS MAGICAL. Also, she loves being spontaneous. On our way up to the reception from the wedding we stopped on the road and got another great set of pictures on the gravel driveway that I will cherish forever! On your wedding day especially, she will be your best friend! She helped so much with anything you needed! 

-The Sellars


I could go on for days about how awesome nomi is. She is so talented at what she does. I’ve had the privilege of working with nomi 4 different times, for couples, engagements, bridal portraits, AND my wedding! For nearly every shoot she would ask me where I wanted photos taken and I had no idea I just told her “I trust you! You tell me!” And every single time she takes us to the most epic places and never disappoints. I love how she bases our shoots on the sunset, our photos turn out perfect every time with just the right lighting. Nomi is very easy and go with the flow while you are working with her. At our engagement shoot, we were having so much fun giggling and dancing to usher radio and all of a sudden she’s like we’re finished I have 400 photos! And I was shocked because we were having so much fun I forgot she was photographing us! I always recommend nomi to everyone and I always will! She turns my visions into a reality and can’t thank her enough! 

-The Staton’s