Lauren & Trent | Asheville Elopement Photographer

Two of the most adorable humans on the entire world!

Lauren has been such a role model of mine since freshman year in high school. She’s spunky & has the most beautiful red hair! I am best friends with her younger sister & we have always looked up to her, she was the absolute COOLEST person ever to us little 14 year olds! I was so incredibly excited to be able to shoot Lauren & Trent. So we hiked a little while to get some views and of course some service to watch Kentucky play in march madness, Trent couldn’t miss it!

Can’t believe my job is so cool.

Vivica & George | White Sands National Monument | New Mexico Wedding Photographer | New Mexico Elopement Photographer

Adventuring around so many states with these babes. An adventure session I have dream’t up for weeks.

My roomie & one of my best friends. Its the coolest thing when you get to watch your bestie be all kinds of smushy in love!

White sands is one of those places that you can’t get out of your mind for weeks. One that leaves you breathless.

Also one that leaves you with sand in places you couldn’t even imagine..

Jackie & Greg | New York City Wedding Photographer | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

One of the coldest days of the year & these two were true new yorkers & handed the breezy bitter cold like it was their job!

Getting to explore Dumbo was a highlight of my weekend but getting to hangout with these two was EVEN better! Jackie is the cutest & most fashionable human EVER & Greg compliments her so well with his humor & killer style!

They are planning the most beautiful brunch wedding on a Brooklyn rooftop in the heart of the city next September & my heart couldn’t burst anymore than when I think about how lucky I am that I get to be apart of it!!

Chloe & Luke | Asheville Engagement Photographer

The wind on this mountain top blew my away… literally…

But the view was even more breath taking! Although I did have to scream at Chloe and Luke in order for me to hear them, we had so many laughs about how freezing cold we all were, how much snot we had (come on I am just being honest), and about how crazy of a bada$$ Chloe was for hiking in heels!

I honestly love the fact that the wind was crazy loud because it just showed me how beautiful two humans can be without any “prompts” or poses. just how beautiful two souls can love on & be connected with when they’re simply just being them. It made me realize to stop, step back and capture this moment for what it truly is instead of making it something. so I stepped back & bam… these two were magic.

Laurel & Cody | Greenville Engagement Photographer

Laurel & Cody.

Laurel was my first college BEST FRIEND! As soon as we met I noticed this thing about Laurel, that no matter where she was or who she was with, she made everyone in the room feel welcomed, feel loved and appreciate, she blossomed in a room full of people and brought so much laughter and joy!

& then I met Cody & BAMM. The exact same feeling radiated from him! & boy you can only imagine being in the room with the two of them.

Elizabeth & Chris | Charleston Wedding Photographer

E & C.

Charleston holds such a sweet place in my heart. This little college town filled with love, the best ice cream shops, the sweetest smell of the sea, summertime romance.

Hanging out with these two in one of my secret spots on one of my favorite beaches made me love Charleston 100000x more! They’ve dreamt up a life of smiling & winking at each other for the rest of their lives and in a few short months they get to do just that. sooo much laughter and joy is shared between these two and I know I always say it but DANG do I love my JOB!

Nikki & Blake | Greenville Engagement Photographer | Greenville Wedding Photographer

Oh what a joy these two are! So much laughter & fun fill the air whenever these two are around!

If you can’t tell Nikki is the most smiley human on the planet & creates an ora of giddiness! You can’t help but have a smile on your face when she’s around, and boy does Blake compliment her in every way.

These two are so goofy & totally in awe of one another, a love so pure & beautiful. Love getting to be apart of their story!

Cassie & Brian | Colorado Engagement Photographer | Aspen Colorado Wedding Photographer

Flew out to one of the most beautiful places & got to hangout with my NEW BESTIES!!

Cassie & Brian took me to where they shared their first date & first kiss for their engagement shoot. They hung out every swim near this swimming hole and ran these streets as young in love cutiee teens.

I adored being about to step into a small glimpse of their love story.

Aspen is pretty beautiful but it truly had nothing on the beauty that their love contains.

Kylee & Micheal | Utah Wedding Photographer | Utah Elopement Photographer | Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

You know those people that you meet and you just instantly click with? Like every single thing cracks you up and you leave wishing you could hang out with them everyday??? Well that's me with these two!

Kylee & Micheal welcomed me to Utah in all the best ways. Kylee is a crazy amazing photographer in Utah & brought me to one of her secret spots & man was I blown away with how beautiful & special this place truly was. After hiking & climbing up all kinds of gorgeous rocks, these two took me out to one of the best dinners I have ever had. Ravioli & a rootbeer?? Can't name anything better. 

Missing these guys dearly. 

Mckenna & Alex | Albion Basin | Utah Wedding Photographer | Utah Elopement Photographer

Cuddling up & cracking all kinds of jokes with these Utah lovers.

I've never seen a sunset so golden or smiles so dang contagious! These shoot is the meaning of sweet summertime.

Jentry & Kaston | Albion Basin, Utah | Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer | Utah Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

Jentry & Kaston.

Coolest peps & coolest names. Hung out for a little adventure session with these two a few weeks ago when I was out West & man was it a blast!


Trent + Paige | Colorado Engagement Photographer | Colorado Destination Wedding Photographer | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Oh my heart burst to its core every time I think about these two & the fact that I get to hang out & celebrate their happiest moments.

I’ve know them forever yet somehow every time I photograph them I see another perfect glimpse of their joyful love in a new way & that fills me to the brim!

T & P I couldn’t be more excited for ya babes ✨January can not come quick enough!!